Madam, Sir, Dear Customer,

The 2023 harvest is over. Despite quite capricious weather this year, with a very hot spring, a partly cool and rainy summer, then mild weather at the end of August, the vines gave us a beautiful and abundant harvest.

“Thank you Mother Nature! We will continue to take care of you! »

It is now time to prepare for the end-of-year holidays: how can we imagine these festive moments without these famous little bubbles that everyone envy?

Maison Maurice Philippart still offers you its range of six Champagnes and its Ratafia Champenois, which can accompany you from an aperitif until the end of the night...

At the end of the year, Magnum Rosé is making a comeback.

Champagne knows how to amaze our taste buds in its different formats (Halfs, Bottles, Magnums, Jeroboams). And what would you say about finding Our Gold Card in Methuselah? This is the surprise we have for you at the end of the year! Le Methuselah, 8 bottles in 1, in a wooden box, personalized label, to be ordered together (note the deadline): enough to impress your guests...

We look forward to seeing you around a glass of Maurice Philippart Champagne.

You can find us at our next exhibitions: Le Portel-62 (Oct 14-15, 2023); Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon-76 (Oct 21-22, 2023); Wattrelos-59 (27-28-29 Oct 2023); Hardelot-62 (25-26 Nov 2023); Vaudreuille-31 (Dec 10, 2023) and La Charité-sur-Loire-58 (Dec 16-17, 2023).

The Vitry-sur-Seine-94 Christmas market remains to be confirmed…

We will be happy to welcome you to our home, at the property: remember to check our presence by a simple call or email, especially on weekends.

And if you can't come to us, we will come to you! To perpetuate the family tradition, Franck and Christophe travel the roads of France in November-December to deliver to you, as far as possible, your Maurice Philippart Champagne at a lower cost. Remember to group your orders and place them quickly in order to organize ourselves…

We thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Franck, Gisèle and Christophe PHILIPPART